Why Gay Men Should Do Video Chatting Before Meeting

Think about this scene. You sign up with a gay hookup dating app and you meet a guy there. He has an interesting and fun profile with some attractive photos. You really love his beard and his eyes. After sending him messages and he messages you back for a few days, you totally fall in love with this guy. Then you decide to meet him and he agrees that. You are pretty excited about that meeting and looking forward meeting your dream guy. Then you dress up and head to that restaurant or coffee shop to him. After you get there and meet him for real, you realize that he may not be the one in your dream. But what to do at that moment. You don’t have a good reason to leave there because you just got there. You know it will be impolite, but you promise yourself that you won’t do it again to let yourself down. So, the best way to prevent this kind of shit from happening is trying video chatting before meeting face to face.

Next time, when you meet a guy on a gay hookup app and you have chatted for a while. Before you think it is time to meet in real world, you can ask him to do video chat with you through your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even PC. If he refuses to chat with you through video, then you can cancel that meeting and remove that person in your contact list. If he agrees to do that and you find that he is not the right person that you think he is, you can politely hang up and say sorry to him. It is better and easier to refuse meeting someone that you don’t like.

In fact, there will be more or less fake content in one’s profile when he is dating someone on gay hookup dating apps. And the way he texts and writes to you may be something that you like. But you may have no chemistry with him in real time or you may not like the way he talks in front of you. In order to save time for both of you, you need do face chatting online to make sure that you are really interested in him. It is easy to cancel your arrangement and go to find the next one that may be the one you like, which will allow you to save time.

Besides, you can regard your video chatting as the first date. And you may want to go for the face to face meeting in real world. After the first date, you and your potential partner will be more comfortable to talk and eat together. There will be less embarrassment and more love feelings.