Transdr Dating App for Grindr Trans

Are you a transgender people looking for someone to date? Have you ever been discriminated by other cisgender people for being who you are? Are you interested in dating a grindr trans? If you are and you do, Transdr is your best choice to achieve all that. Transdr is the best dating app for transgender people and their admirers. No matter if you are looking for a trans hookup or long-term relationship with a grindr trans, Transdr have it all. You don't have to worry about being clocked or discriminated, because people here are either the same kind of people or your supporters. All you have to do is download Transdr into your phone and you already half there to get the true love. Or if you are just interested in hooking up with a transgender woman, there are plenty of choice here for you. Come one now!

How does Transdr work?
Just like any other dating or hookup apps, only that Transdr is easier and funnier. Download Transdr into your phone and create a profile. Fill in your profile so that people can find you easier and so can the system recommend the right persons to you. After done with all that, you can go hunting now. Go to "Browse" to go over some profiles. This is where you can find your perfect match. If you like them, swipe right, or you can swipe left to pass on to another. If you are fortunate enough to get liked back by the person you like, congratulations! You are matched. This hugely increases the possibility of people getting dating successfully. "Browse" is not the only place for you to find your lover. If you get tired of swiping, you can go to "Moments", where people like to share their photos and life moments with others. In here, you can see more of them. If there is someone you like, you can click his/her profile and message him/her. There are plenty of interesting ways to get contact with girls or guys you like. Just join us now.

Why choose Transdr?
Transdr is the best transgender dating app for transgender people, their supporters and gay dating. What transgender people hate the most is being discriminated and being considered as fetish, while these two situations also exist in most dating apps, including tinder and Grindr. There are many grindr trans abandon Grindr every day and turn to Transdr, because Transdr is the best dating place where they can hardly be mistreated by other people. Transdr has a strict rule against discrimination and fetish. We will remove any activities and users that act against our rules. Therefore, Transdr is the best place to go where there is no such thing happen. A real friendly place for transgender people and their admirers, including bi trans, grindr trans and other.